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We have been matching pets with people for a long time, and our staff and volunteers will help you find your perfect loyal companion. The Main Building is located next to the parking lot and provides services to those who wish to adopt a pet, look for their lost pet, and license their pet. Licensing Purchasing a license tag and attaching it to your pet’s collar is one of the most important things you can do as a responsible pet owner. Displaying a current Contra Costa County license tag on your pet’s collar makes it easy for animal control officers and shelter employees to quickly locate a lost pet’s owner information. Become a Dog or Kitten Foster We are in need of foster families to care for our adorable baby kittens and for dogs who would do better outside of the shelter environment. Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to adopt provided that they meet the adoption criteria for that specific animal.

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  • Animals receive the same high-quality veterinary care as pets visiting private veterinarians.
  • Due to the limited availability of appointments, please read the pet’s profile carefully and only submit an adoption survey for an animal that you are willing and able to follow the recommendations for.

All dogs four months and older in the City are required to be licensed. If an animal is removed from adoption it is because a serious, unfixable behavioral or medical issue has emerged. We also encourage you to post your staycation dogs on your social media pages, tag us, and use #ACCstaycation so we can follow along and possibly share your staycation fun. These are where we house the small pets like rabbits, guniea pigs, hamsters, snakes, birds, and fish.

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An additional 6 to 8 million animals are already finding homes in shelters all across the country. ​​Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Services pet adoption program brings veterinarias campeche animals and people together. If you are looking for a new pet, the Animal Services adoption center has a wide variety of animals to adopt; from dogs and cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, to the occasional snake and pot-bellied pigs.

Animal shelters vary greatly—by size, purpose, capacity, and their treatment of the animals in their charge. They may be operated by the government, a local humane society, private individuals, or a combination of these. Some are funded by donations alone, while others receive tax money.

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Please check out both our Adoptable Animals and Impound pages. Please know that animals listed on our Impound page are still in their legal holding periods and not yet available for adoption. Request services from Hillsborough County online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week…

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter is located at Elsworth Street, between Cactus and Alessandro. Know that all fees that are paid cannot be refunded. However, if that animal is reclaimed, your fee will be credited for another dog. Maybe if people know how happy we can be, all of the little ones here will be adopted.

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Highly pathogenic avian influenza is spreading throughout the U.S. and was confirmed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in California’s Colusa and Glenn counties on July 13, 2022. Animals which have completed their “Stray Hold” time and have been spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated are considered “ready-to-go.” Any animal in a “ready-to-go” status can go home with you today. All “ready-to-go” adoptions are $20, unless otherwise noted.

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Janice Jordan, the Co-Director of the nonprofit Friends of Ferdinand, has devoted her life to making sure animals with special needs have the care and space they need to live their best lives. We are a private, independent, non-profit humane society founded in Elyria, Ohio. We proudly own and operate the largest animal shelter in Lorain County. At MCAS we are dedicated to engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals in Montgomery County. As such, we are devoted to the humane, efficient, high quality care of animals in our shelter.